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Lucky Bamboo Care

Among our indoor plant information, the Lucky Bamboo Care is one of out most popular articles. Which makes sense, being that they are one of the most popular plants. Part of the reason for that are their beautiful segments of bright green color, and partly because Lucky Bamboo are very easy to grow indoors unlike other bamboos. Having said that, the Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena Sanderiana) is not truly a bamboo and belongs to the Lily family instead. It is known by many other names as well, such as Ribbon Dracaena, Ribbon Plant, and Water Bamboo etc.

Varieties of Lucky Bamboo

The Lucky Bamboo has its origins in Africa, and the maximum height most plants can grow up to is about 6 feet. Most of them however, are shipped from China as the name ‘lucky’ seems to have been given to this plant in this region. It is an important part of feng shui and is said to bring good luck.
The plants that come from China and Taiwan have their stalks twisted into braids and made into intricate designs. The ones with straight stalks can be bought for about $10 while the ones which are designed cost more.

Growing Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo doesn’t require a lot of care to be grown. It can survive for a long time even if kept in poor conditions. The plant can grow well in both water and soil, which is one of the reasons people prefer it as an indoor plant or an office plant. However, it is preferable to grow it in soil as that prolongs its life as well as lead to better overall growth.
Many people prefer to have them grown in small aquariums with the leaves just over the water and the shoots submerged. While this is also possible, it leads to the plant getting rotten pretty quickly.

Light Conditions

Lucky Bamboo are grown under the leafy canopies of rainforests which is why it needs a moderate amount of sunlight. Be sure to put it somewhere with diffused light because direct sunlight will cause its leaves to warp and they can turn brown as well. At the same time, too little light can cause the growth to be inhibited. Remember that this is an indoor plant and cannot thrive outdoors.
Do not put the Lucky Bamboo directly in front of a window that receives direct sunlight. It may be placed in front of north facing window where the light is diffused.

Temperature Requirements

Lucky Bamboo can easily thrive in conditions that our daily lives take place in. It likes warm temperatures between 65 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit are not favorable for the plant to grow. Be careful not to put the plant in front of a heating vent or an air conditioner. While the room’s temperature may be within the favorable range for its growth, a mistake like this can undo all the hard work you are putting into keeping your plant safe and healthy. Another common mistake is to put the Lucky Bamboo in a glass vase and then putting it near a cool source. The cold retained inside the glass is sure to damage your plant that way.

Nutrient Requirements

The Lucky Bamboo is one of those plants that do not require a lot of fertilizer to live. Over-fertilization is a common problem in this plant and can cause the leaves to turn yellow. In case that happens, you should be quick to change the water of the plant to prevent any damage. Once your Lucky Bamboo has been over-fertilized, keep it off of any fertilizers for several months.
If you are growing the plant in water, then it is best to fertilize it every two months. Just a little dirty aquarium water can do the trick. If not available, you should use a weak liquid fertilizer in very small quantities. If grown in soil, the process of fertilization is a little quicker. You can do it every month in the same amount and the plant will continue to thrive.

Watering Your Lucky Bamboo

Very little water is required to ensure the good health of the Lucky Bamboo. A vase with an inch of water is good enough for the plant to grow. Just be sure to use water that is free of chlorine or any other chemicals as they can damage the roots. The Lucky Bamboo has a high tolerance for over-watering with less of a tolerance for drought. When in question, you are most likely better off over watering.

Lucky Bamboo Disease and Insects

The Lucky Bamboo is susceptible to some common problems, but all of them have easy solutions as well.
• If the leaves are turning yellow, that means either you are using too much fertilizer or the plant is getting too much light. Stop fertilizing for a few weeks and move the plant away from light if that happens.
• Scale and spider mites are the insects that can cause problems with the growth of the plant. The result can be a white substance on the stalks that is sticky to the touch. The solution is to wash the container thoroughly with soap water and placing the stalks in it again.
• Another side effect of too much light and fertilizer is the growth of Algae. The solution is a combination of the two mentioned above.

Shaping a Lucky Bamboo

In case you did not opt for the intricately grown version of the Lucky Bamboo and would like to shape the stalks in your own way, then make sure you have a lot of patience as this is a long process. The stalks can shaped by turning the plant slowly and regularly in front of light so the plant grows towards the light. This is a long, slow process that is best done when the stalks are mostly immature and still pliable.

Finding the Right Place

After reading all the instructions for the growth of a healthy Lucky Bamboo plant, it is time to find the perfect location to put it in. Keep in mind all the conditions that the plant requires to grow and find a suitable place. Do not put it near a window with direct light or near air conditioning vents. Avoid places that may have any chemicals in the atmosphere.
Adhering to all these suggestions will help you grow your plant to its maximum potential and the bright green shoots of the Lucky Bamboo can be a refreshing sight to behold in your room.

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