Seasonal Garden Center

Welcome to Metropolitan Wholesale Garden Center, serving New Jersey and NYC’s gardening needs season by season.



Springtime is the beginning of the growing season, whether you are a serious green thumb or a gardening hobbyist, we have a complete supply of all you need. Each spring we make sure that we are fully stocked for all of your garden needs. We are fully supplied with top quality seeds, mulch, fertilizer, top-soil and of course beautifully grown perennials and shrubbery. We have the experience to carry only the best supplies you need to make your garden thrive. Our staff is the finest in the area, and are in store to help guide you to create the perfect landscape for your home.


In the summer your garden is in full swing. We carry all the products you need to keep your garden alive and thriving. From pruning to the proper fertilizer and plant food, Metropolitan has all your bases covered. It is so important to properly feed your garden in the summer, and we have the expertise to guide you to the right products for your gardening needs. Whether your goals are strictly aesthetic to beautify your home, or if your end game is a plentiful harvest come fall we are here year round, 7 days a week to make sure your plants are thriving.


Harvest season brings its own set of needs. We carry a full range from the tools you need to harvest your garden and all your Fall products. With our huge array of Pumpkins, Gourds and Corn Stalks you can beautify your home for the fall and Halloween. We also carry a plethora of hardy Mums, Hay Bales and firewood to warm up your home in the most festive way. Fall is also a great time to make your living environment healthier with our massive selection of Indoor Plants.

winter plants


While winter might spell the end for the outdoor growing season, Metropolitan is in full bloom stocking up and redesigning our garden center to supply all of your Holiday and Indoor Plant needs. Whether you are looking for a beautiful floral centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner, that beautiful Christmas tree and wreath to add that holiday flair or shopping for a Valentine’s Day bouquet for your love, we anticipate your needs and have everything you need. We also carry a selection of firewood to add that old world charm to your home.

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