Indoor Plants & Indoor Flowering Plants

The Best Selection Of Indoor Plants in the Tri-State Area.

We pride ourselves on our large selection of Indoor Plants and Indoor Flowering Plants. We carry the best house plants, trees and exotic varieties of indoor plants. Whether you are looking to beautify your home or office, add elegance to your Interior Design, or simply create a living environment we are your one stop solution. We have a vast selection of exotic Orchids, Philodendron, Bamboo Palm, beautiful Succulents and even high quality authentic Bonsai. Indoor plants add a sense of calm and living elegance year round.

We receive weekly deliveries from only the finest farms in the Unites States and beyond. Our plants come to us thriving from as far as Hawaii and Thailand. We have long-standing, close relationships with these farms giving us access to the best products. This allows us to bring you rare varieties and the most sought after specimens with unique characteristics not found anywhere else in the NJ/NYC area. Our products are highly sought out by the areas most prestigious Interior Design and Landscape Companies.

Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Nothing creates a healthy environment like a living, lush array of Indoor Plants and Indoor Flowering Plants. Besides creating an elegant interior landscape, they also come along with many benefits for the body and mind. According to a NASA study, it is best to have at least 1 plant for every 100 sq. ft of office or living space.

Increase Air Quality:

Indoor Plants increase the amount of oxygen in the air you breath. Increased oxygen levels help our bodies regenerate and achieve optimal health. Indoor Plants also filter out the toxins that exist within even the cleanest home or office.

Filters Toxins:

Many living plants filter out toxins making your office’s air cleaner and your employees more productive. Offices with living plants have decrease levels of fatigue, headaches and sore throats. A study from the Agricultural University of Norway shows that in offices with plants sickness decreased 60%.

Increase Focus:

Studies show that attentiveness and focus increase significantly in settings with living plants. Due to their ability to lower blood pressure and heart rates plants also reduce anxiety which leads to better health and better productivity.

This is a list of some of our popular Indoor Plants.

Adonidia Palm
Algerian Ivy
Arboricola Tree
Areca Palm
Bamboo Palm
Black Olive
Buddhist Pine
Color Bowl
Corn Plant
Dracaena Lisa
Emerald Beauty
Emerald Gem
Exotic Marginata
False Aralia
Ficus Alii
Ficus Midnight
Ficus Nitida
Fiddle Leaf Fig
Fishtail Palm
Golden Pothos
Jade Pathos
Janet Craig
Jewel Of India
Kentia Palm
King Maya Palm
King Sago
Lady Jane
Marginata Tricolor
Maria Christina
Mary Ann
Michiko Cane
Ming Arelia
Natal Mahogany
Neanthe Belle Palm
Norfolk Island Pine
Oak Ivy
Pigmy Date Palm
Ponytail Palm
Rhapis Palm
Schefflera Amate
Silver Bay
Silver Queen
Silver Ribbon
Snake Plant
Spath Sensation
Totem Pothos
Triangle Palm
Washingtonia Palm
White Bird Paradise

And our popular Indoor Flowering Plants.

African Violets
Bird Of Paradise
Calla Lilies
Desert Cactus
Gerbera Daisy
Peace Lily
Snap Dragons

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