Wholesale Flowers, Indoor Plants and Garden Center FAQ

We offer hundreds of different fresh cut wholesale flowers from all over. Whether you are shopping as a Florist, Wedding Planner, Interior Designer or as a romantic gesture for your wife we are the best NJ Wholesale Florist.


Fresh Cut Flowers Frequently Asked Questions.

How fresh are your fresh cut flowers?

Our flowers are delivered daily from the finest farms and gardens around the world. We carry locally grown flowers as well as exotic varieties from Thailand and the well known auctions in Holland. We sell only the best and freshest in New Jersey. Visit us and see why we are a cut above the rest.

How long will the flowers last?

This really depends on how well you care for them. If set up immediately in water and given the proper attention flowers can last anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks depending on the species of flower.

Do you do Wedding flowers?

We specialize in working with NJ’s top Wedding Planners, handling all of their floral needs. If you are a discerning Jersey bride looking for the best DIY flower solution for your wedding, contact us and we will put you in touch with our sister company.

Do you deliver?

We do offer delivery. To find out if delivery is an option for you please give us a call at 201-794-4747

Where do your flowers come from?

Our flowers are delivered daily from all over the world. In the spirit of supporting our local farms we do purchase high quality local flowers when in season. We receive shipments from Ecuador, Hawaii, Thailand as well as the finest auctions in Holland.

Indoor Plants and Indoor Flowering Plants FAQ.

Where do you get your Indoor Plants from?

Our Indoor Plants and Indoor Flowering Plants come from all over the world. While we make an effort to carry local NJ products when we can, many of our Indoor Plants come from Florida, Oregon and Hawaii. Many of our more exotic species come from Asia and South America. Whereever the most beautiful plants grow, that is where we get them from.

How do I decide what Indoor Plant to buy?

Firstly this depends on how much light your plant will receive in your home or office. Other considerations include how much room it will have to grow, how experienced you are and of course which you find visually stunning.

What does High Light and Low Light Indoor Plants mean?

High light plants require direct or strong sunlight for most of the day. Bird Of Paradise, Ficus, Ponytail Palm and most Cactus fall into this category. Low light plants thrive in very low light conditions, such as a windowless room, but one with close to 12 hours of artificial light. These include: the air cleaning Janet Craig Bush, Chinese Evergreen and Mother In Law’s Tongue.

Can You Custom Order Indoor Plants?

Yes we can! Due to our long relationships with our suppliers we are able to track down exotic varieties with the rarest, most beautiful characteristics.

Garden Center Frequently Asked Questions.

What kind of products do you supply?

Our Garden Center department is seasonal. This means that we take great care in carrying everything you need from season to season. From your springtime seeds, mulch, top soil and of course perennials and annuals to your summer needs of plant food and fertilizer. Come fall we carry all your harvest needs as well as fall seasonal items like pumpkins and hay bales. Winter time we stock up on holiday trees and wreaths.

How big is your Garden Center?

Our Garden Center is over 7,000 sq. ft. Featuring everything you need for your garden, landscape and household needs.

Interior Landscaping FAQ.

Do you have a Certified Landscape Architect on staff?

Yes we do. We are the NJ/NYC areas best Interior Landscape Designers. We have hundreds of corporate clients that rely on us to create and maintain an inviting, healthy environment. Our highly trained horticultural design team assesses your needs and tailors a plan to your unique lighting, airflow, temperature changes, humidity and traffic patterns.

What are the benefits of Interior Landscaping?

Besides the obvious benefit of creating a living and elegant environment, Interior Landscaping has many health benefits. Indoor Plants increase oxygen and filter toxins. Studies have shown that they also increase focus and lessen employee sick days all while increasing productivity.

Will I have to maintain the plants?

Our biggest value is how easy we make it for you. We handle all aspects of maintaining our beautiful design. We keep every element in mind to make sure you always have an elegant interior corporate landscape.

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