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Pond Salt is an all natural salt that provides the essential electrolytes fish need to survive – such as potassium, sodium, chloride, calcium and magnesium. Replaces essential for the uptake of oxygen. Release of Carbon Dioxide and Ammonium.  Made from evaporated sea water. Sea salt reduces the harmful effects of stress safely. During periods of disease and stress, healthy gill function is disturbed. This can lead to the loss of electrolytes through the gills, called osmotic shock. Osmotic shock reduces the intake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide and ammonium from the gills. POND SALT reduces the risk of osmotic shock by replenishing natural electrolytes fish need. Overcrowding and overfeeding can lead to elevated nitrite levels, especially in newly set-up ponds. The nitrite ion N02- enters the gills and prevents the blood from carrying oxygen, resulting in nitrite toxicity or by blocking the uptake of nitrite ions (methemoglobinemia). Pond Salt will reduce the toxic effect of nitrite.



Item Number-   A60 106D

UPC-  317163041062

Dimensions- 10.5in. L x 10.5in. W x 15.5in. H

Weight- 50lbs



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