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Bales of Hay

Bales Of Hay

Wholesale Bales Of Hay Available For Individual or Bulk Purchase.

Bales of Hay are available in two sizes: 30 x 18 x 14″, and 18 x 10 x 12″ Both are 2 string bales.

We also carry shredded straw for landscapers and outdoor maintenance use.

We keep hundreds of bales in stock in both sizes and offer pick up at our convenient location in Saddle Brook, NJ – just 12 miles from New York City.

Bales of Hay are a diverse and staple item used for the following:

Livestock Bedding

Erosion Control On Construction Sites

Ground Cover

Mushroom Growing

Reduce Algae Growth In Ponds

Place Under Strawberry Plants To Avoid Ripe Fruit Touching The Ground

Use Bales Of Hay To Cover Perennials And Other Plants During Winter To Protect Them From Harsh Weather

Common Mulch

Packing Material

Holiday Displays Including Halloween, Fall Harvest and Thanksgiving

Target Backgrounds

Dog Kennels

Scare Crows

Bales of Straw generally come in a golden yellow color and are more decorative than bales of Hay. Hay is a grass that is generally a darker color and less suitable for display but more suitable in certain situations for livestock feed.

We specialize in selling all things plant, flower and garden related for Valentine’s Day, School and Church Sales, Fundraisers, Weddings and Special Events in the New Jersey and New York City Area.

Contact us for current pricing and availability on all wholesale flowers – 201-794-4747


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