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Textured Wedding Bouquet Succulents

Textured Wedding Bouquets

In the past, many brides have asked their florist’s for traditional wedding bouquets, with
classic flowers like red Roses or white Calla Lilies. While these bouquets will never go out
of style for the bride who wants to keep it simple, many brides today are looking for a
more alternative wedding bouquet. Items like feathers, seashells, broaches, and charms are some
popular accessories right now, that give any bouquet a little extra flair and personality.
However, for the bold, daring brides looking for something trendy, textured bouquets are
in demand!

There are many ways to created a textured bouquet with different sizes, shapes,
and lengths of flowers. When in season, florals like Protea, Birds of Paradise, and
Anthuriums are stunning in a tropical bouquet and allow for a wild, fun appearance. Parrot
Tulips, Bells of Ireland, Fiddle Head Fern, Succulents, Celosia, and hanging Amaranthus are
some other shapely blossoms to consider. If you’re designing with simpler flowers and
looking to add a little shape, try using different types of greenery that you typically
wouldn’t put together, as well as ferns and grasses.

Perhaps your bride wants a less dramatic textural wedding bouquet. Elegant, romantic
bouquets made of Peonies and Roses can have a simpler texture. Try including filler
flowers like peach Hypericum Berry and lavender Statice for a pastel colored bouquet.
Queen Anne Lace, Limonium, and even Babies Breath give a softer, wispy texture to
wedding flowers. Attach a vintage broach to the bouquet’s handle or place a few pearl
pins inside of the roses for finishing touches!

Keep in mind, not every textural bouquet needs to be created with flowers alone.
There are some beautiful non floral materials that give a bride’s bouquet an amazing
presence on her big day! In the autumn, wheat is the perfect textural addition to a bouquet
of bright yellow Sunflowers, or deep orange and purple Mums, Roses, and Dahlias. Even
though wheat is a simple accent, it gives a bouquet a rustic, country style that also pairs
nicely with raffia around the stems. By itself, a few small pieces of wheat tied together
make a boutonniere that every groom will love. Include wheat in mason jar centerpieces
and with fresh flowers on a fall wedding cake.

Another popular non floral accessory for wedding flowers right now, is cotton.
Similar to wheat, cotton looks wonderful in the autumn but it can be included into any
season of wedding flowers. In the winter months, combine cotton with white Anemones,
light pink Stock, Brunia, Dusty Miller and Cedar. Tie burlap and lace around the
stems for even more rustic, wintery charm. You can also add cotton to a beautiful spring
bouquet of Garden Roses, Lisianthus, Delphinium, and Veronica. As for summertime,
suggest cotton to your brides with a stem or two of Hydrangea, Astilbe, Sweat Peas, and
Craspedia or Scabiosa pods. A cotton boutonniere is another great option for a groom and
his groomsmen. It adds a great, masculine touch which a typical rose boutonniere does

One more alternative for adding unique texture, are Dogwood branches. These are
so fun to add to a bouquet because of their flexibility. You can use just a few branches,
and simply weave them through a bouquet, creating loops above and around the flowers.
Or, use several branches together and circle them around the base of the flowers, just
above the handle, creating wreath effect. Use the curly ends of Dogwood branches in wedding
bouquets also, without bending them. Naturally winding branches for summer and fall
weddings are very popular, not only in a bouquet but centerpieces and ceremony decor

Textural bouquets will definitely continue to trend in the coming years. Fusing
unique, rare flowers with different materials and embellishments is a great way for a
bride to personalize her wedding flowers. Other items like pine cones, Lotus pods, dried
flowers, and different colored crystals and pearls can also be used to create different
textual styles. Embrace the textured wedding bouquet trend and get creative! Call Metropolitan
Wholesale today and ask about our textural flowers and supplies for all of you’re
alternative brides! 201-794-4747

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