Bird Of Paradise Plant Care

White Bird Of Paradise

Bird Of Paradise Plant Care Instructions This article will explain Bird Of Paradise plant care instructions. By following this guideline, you should have no problem keeping your Bird Of Paradise not only surviving, but thriving for years to come. The Bird Of…

Tropical Bonsai As A Gift And Tropical Bonsai Care

Tropical Bonsai As Gifts And Tropical Bonsai Care In an earlier blog, I described the cultivation of the most popular bonsai, the Juniper Bonsai. But there are dozens and dozens of other plant species that are…

How To Care For A Peace Lily Spathiphyllum

Peace Lily Spathiphyllum

Spathiphyllum Species Peace Lily One of the most beautiful and easy houseplants for the novice plant lover is the Peace Lily. The deep green foliage is often accentuated  with exotic white spaths that shoot out of…

Juniper Bonsai As Gifts And Indoor Bonsai Care

 Juniper Bonsai As Gifts And Indoor Bonsai Care   Here at Metropolitan Wholesale we are often asked “what is a good floral gift for a guy” and the first thing that comes to mind is a Bonsai plant….