Smart Sales and Service Tactics

Smart Sales and Service Tactics


A customer calls at 11a.m. and says, “I need flowers delivered by noon!” Many customers think florists are like pizzerias — with a van always idling, ready to whisk an order on its way. Here’s how to respond:

1. “I’m sorry sir; we just can’t get flowers there that quickly.” • You may lose the sale because you told the customer that you can’t accommodate him.

2. “I will try my best.” • All the customer remembers is you said you’d “try your best.” This answer is vague, sets the stage for potential problems and lessens your chances for repeat business.
The SMART RESPONSE: “Yes, I can deliver your flowers by noon with our Express Delivery Service for an additional $10!*” IF you keep your voice upbeat and confident, the customer is more likely to pay to get the service he wants. Sound apologetic, and he’ll likely decline because he’ll sense he’s being overcharged.

Upon hearing that there will be an extra charge for rush delivery some customers may suddenly no longer need that order delivered right away. Don’t be surprised to hear, “Oh, just as long as she gets the flowers by the end of the day.”
Here are questions you may encounter: “Why do I have to pay extra?” The Express Delivery charge enables us to give your order priority treatment — so we can design and deliver your flowers within a short time.
“You never did this before!  Why do I have to pay now?” This modest fee enables us to maintain the high level of service that you expect from (Flower Shop name).“The flowers are going just down the street. Why do I have to pay extra?” Our vehicles are always on the road making deliveries. The Express Delivery fee covers the costs of scheduling a van just for your flowers.
The bottom line: Don’t be afraid to offer — and charge for — extra service!
* This is just a guideline. You will need to adjust the time and price parameters
for your store.

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