Eremurus Cleopatra

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Eremurus Cleopatra

Eremurus Cleopatra

Wholesale Eremurus Cleopatra Available For Bulk Purchase.

Eremurus Cleopatra and all other varieties of Eremurus are available for wholesale purchase. More commonly known as the Desert Candle or Fox-tail Lilies, Eremurus have grown in popularity over the last several years due to their long vase life and tall appearance. Utilized in all types of designs, Eremurus can add height to a hotel lobby arrangement or can be cut short for an exotic wedding bouquet or centerpiece. We carry the highest quality Eremurus which are imported directly from the farm. Eremurus are generally available in a variety of shades in the gold, yellow, white and green families. Some varieties of Eremurus even show a touch of pink. Our Eremurus are sold ten stems per bunch and we custom pack bulk orders. The lengths that are available depend on the variety, but we regularly carry stems that range from 50cm all the way up to 150cm. The dozens of tiny blooms usually begin halfway up the stem.  All varieties come in with the bloom closed and most are available throughout the year – with the best availability being from the end of winter through the late fall. We suggest and recommended processing  them 2 to three days before use in order to allow the bloom hydrate. The average vase life of Eremurus are around 5-10 days – but quite often the blooms can last longer. We import Eremurus from Holland, and when in season we buy from local farms. All Eremurus should be kept in a cool area for storage, or left at room temperature to allow to hydrate or open before use. We can accommodate special orders of bulk quantity of a specific color, please give us 10 days notice –  often we can accommodate last minute orders as we keep many varieties in stock.

We specialize in selling wholesale Eremurus Cleopatra for Valentine’s Day, School and Church Sales, Fundraisers, Weddings and Special Events in the New Jersey and New York City Area.

Eremurus Are Available Through Our Holland Direct Program, Please CLICK HERE For More Details!!!

Contact us for current pricing and availability on all wholesale flowers – 201-794-4747


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