Alstroemeria Orange Queen

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Alstroemeria Orange Queen

Alstroemeria Orange Queen

Wholesale Alstroemeria Orange Queen Available For Bulk Purchase And Special Orders

Alstroemeria Orange Queen and all other varieties of Alstroemeria are one of the most long lasting and colorful family of flowers available. Also known as Peruvian Lilies, they come in almost every color, are available year round and make an affordable – yet upscale filler flower. On average, each stem of Alstroemeria has 3 to 5 blooms. All varieties generally come in with the bloom closed, it is recommended ordering them 2 to 4 days before use in order to allow the flower to open. Average vase life of Alstroemeria can be longer than 7 to 10 days. We import Alstroemeria from Holland, Ecuador, Columbia, Canada and when available, we buy from local farms in the United States. Wholesale Alstroemeria are generally sold by the bunch of 10 stems or by the box. Alstroemeria should be kept in a cool area for storage, or left at room temperature to allow to open. We can accommodate special orders of bulk quantity of a specific color, please give us 10 days notice – although often we can accommodate last minute orders.

Please contact us for current pricing and availability on all wholesale flowers. 201-794-4747


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