Juniper Bonsai As Gifts And Indoor Bonsai Care

 Juniper Bonsai As Gifts And Indoor Bonsai Care


Here at Metropolitan Wholesale we are often asked “what is a good floral gift for a guy” and the first thing that comes to mind is a Bonsai plant. Men have been growing bonsai in the Far East for thousands of years and for what ever reason, it just seems like a “guy” kind of plant.

The most popular bonsai is the Juniper Bonsai and most often the Japanese Garden Bonsai (juniperus procumbens nana). The reason that this juniper is so popular is that it has that “old tree” look, even at a young age. And the charm of the bonsai plant is that the original Asian art forms are very old plants that have been miniaturized over decades.

We have grown many different species of bonsai over the years and I can tell you that Juniper Bonsai are challenging but very rewarding as well. The most important thing to remember is to never let your plant dry out. The soil must be checked for moisture every day and thoroughly watered when drying.  This can be accomplished by dunking the plant in a pot of water for 5 or 10 minutes and then allowing the plant to drain in the sink, or by slowly watering the plant to make sure it is completely moistened. Junipers also like a fairly humid atmosphere. The best way to provide this indoors is with a humidity tray which is nothing more than a water proof tray filled with pebbles and an inch or so of water in depth. It is important that the drainage hole in the bonsai container is above the water line so the plant is not saturated. The other consideration is how much light your plant needs. Indoors you should keep it near a window where it can get plenty of bright, indirect light.

Ideally, We have found that an outdoor area in the summer that gets indirect light for the is the best way to grow Juniper bonsai as well as Japanese Maple, Cedars and other cold hardy plants. They thrive with the natural variation in daytime/night time temperatures and humidity and the natural rainfall and wind keep off insects such as spider mites. The main drawback to growing your bonsai outdoors on a patio or terrace is that it will dry out more quickly than indoors, so you must be vigilant.

No matter where you grow your Juniper Bonsai in the summer months, it is important to give it a nice rest in the winter. The best way to do this is to keep it in an unheated room from October until March and limit, but do not suspend the watering. When the days begin to lengthen and the nights warm up a bit, you can fertilize the plant with a product for acid loving plants and start to water more often, giving it more light.

The Juniper Bonsai is one of the best and most rewarding plants for any man, and here at Metropolitan Wholesale we can make sure your guy gets one he will cherish for years and years.

Stayed tuned for future blogs on Tropical Bonsais as well as Cactus and Succulent Gardens which are also great “Guy Gifts”

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