How To Care For A Peace Lily Spathiphyllum

Peace Lily Spathiphyllum

Spathiphyllum Species

Peace Lily

One of the most beautiful and easy houseplants for the novice plant lover is the Peace Lily. The deep green foliage is often accentuated  with exotic white spaths that shoot out of the center of the plant.

The Peace lily is not at all demanding. It will thrive in almost any light situation other than full hot sun or deep shade. It does like to be moist at all times and will droop if it gets too dry but is quite forgiving and will perk right up after it gets a drink. They are also happy in almost any indoor temperatue from 65 to 90. Just make sure they are never are exposed to a frost.

There are several species of Spathiphyllum to choose from.  While all have white spath like flowers, some are large plants, some medium and some quite diminutive.  The largest Peace Lily is the Spathiphyllum Sensation.  This plant can get to be 5 or 6 feet tall and while it seldomly blooms, the flower is quite impressive. There are several  intermediate cultivars  such as “Sweet Pablo” and “Supreme” and   miniatures like “ Spath. Petite”.

For  the most part, Peace Lilies are disease and insect resistant, but occasionally they will attract mealy bugs.  If caught early, these can be cleaned up with an alcohol and water mixture, applied directly to the insect with a Q-tip. Heavier infestations can be cleaned up with an insecticide.

Occasionally Peace Lilies get root rot from overwatering. This is a very difficult problem to correct and it’s best to make sure your plant is in a container that drains well, as it is never advisable for any houseplant to sit in soggy soil.

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