2014 Prom Flowers

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2014 Prom Flowers

Boutonnieres and corsages are usually known by customers as small, simple gatherings of flowers, most popularly worn at proms and weddings. The most common corsages and boutonnieres, especially for proms, will include a few spray roses, babies breath, greenery and a bow to match the couple’s dress and tux colors. This year, instead of selling hundreds of the same bouts and corsages, entice prom goers with new, exciting flower choices!

Each year, high school proms become more elaborate and expensive. The girl’s dresses are far bigger and more glamorous than years past. The same could be said for their hair styles, nails, shoes, etc. So, their flowers should be just as extravagant. To match their gorgeous gowns, suggest beautiful handheld bouquets to your customers, instead of simple corsages. There are many more flower options for bouquets than there are for corsages, which gives the florist more possibilities to sell unique, high quality flowers. Rather than selling a double rose wristlet corsage, recommend a white rose bouquet with a few small pieces of white hydrangea and stephanotis. Add diamond or pearl pins to the roses, crystals throughout the bouquet, and wrap the stems in a sparkly ribbon for extra pizzazz! This is a prettier option for the customer, and more profitable for the florist. Create a matching boutonniere with a white rose, a single stephanotis bloom, and a few crystals as well.

Try out any of the following recipes for small handheld bouquets and their matching boutonnieres:    Pink: Hot pink roses, light pink tulips, and pink mini or full size gerbera daises, bear grass and greenery. Create a pink rose boutonniere to match, with a few small bear grass loops.  Purple: Lavender roses, purple stock, a stem of white hydrangea, and wax flower. Match this bouquet with a lavender rose boutonniere. Place a small piece of hydrangea and wax flower with the rose. Black & Silver: Dark purple mini callas, black fiddle head fern, white roses, and green mini hydrangea. Add some black feathers and silver accents throughout. To match this, make a dark purple calla or a white rose boutonniere depending on the customer’s request. Add a feather and a piece or fiddle head fern to either. Tropical: A bouquet of orange roses, pink mini callas, two or three green cymbidium orchids, and yellow freesia. Pair this with a cymbidium and freesia boutonniere.

Even though bouquets are becoming very popular for proms and dances, you will still have customers who prefer wristlet corsages. This year, stock up on different ribbon patterns like cheetah and zebra print, stripes, and polka dots. Don’t forget bright, vibrant colored ribbons as well as glittery ribbons, to make your corsages and boutonnieres pop! You may also want to add these items to your prom supply list: different colors and sizes of decorative wire, pearl and diamond pins, feathers, butterflies, and a variety of wristlets styles.

Use the cheetah print ribbon along with a black sparkly ribbon, and weave it through a corsage of hot pink sweetheart roses and alstroemeria. Make a matching boutonniere, but leave out the cheetah print. This gives the corsage it’s own special detail. Add peacock feathers to a wristlet made of deep blue delphinium blossoms, purple lisianthus, and green hypericum berries. Also, create a peacock feather boutonniere; use only the feathers with a small ribbon accent. For your customers who like a simpler style, think about making a single flower corsage. Create a romantic corsage with a light pink gerbera daisy and ivy, on a pearl bracelet. Or, use a single burgundy dahlia with a touch of ginestra.

How about offering hair flowers too? Ask your female customers how they plan to style their hair for the prom, and suggest that they include a few blooms to match their corsage or bouquet. Recommend a large flower for the side of their hair, or a few small flowers throughout. You could even create a headband with a small gathering of flowers on one side of it.

This prom season is sure to be full of unique requests! Be prepared and order your prom flowers and supplies by calling Metropolitan Wholesale at (201)-794-4747.

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